Tunnel  Sandbags

$100.00 per set of 4 bags

**Used daily at one of the largest training centers in Northern Virginia**


Our professional quality tunnel sandbags are made from heavy-duty Marine Vinyl and Neoprene Non Slip Fafric. Neoprene is highly abrasion resistant, scuff proof and has superior griping characteristics. The Neoprene side of the tunnel bag is placed against the tunnel so the fabric grips and holds the tunnel in place, wet or dry .  Each bag holds approximately 20-25 lbs of sand, measures 11.5"W x 6.5"D x 17"H,  and connects over the tunnel with a 9" neoprene strap and 3 velcro closures. 



Hooligan Tunnel Wraps

** Used at the 2007 Nationals**
$85.00 per set of 2

hooligan tunnel wraps

The tunnel wraps have a material on the inside that helps grip the tunnel to keep if from sliding and they have velcro on top so you can adjust them around your tunnel. Much lighter and safer then sandbags. They are made for inside or outside use!


 Bait & Tug Bag

Bait Bag

A great tug toy for your dog. Fill with their favorite treat and proceed to play tug with them. This 4" x 8" toy has a velcro opening so you can open to put your dogs favorite treat/food in, it is made of Fake Fun fur or Faux fur, lined with 100% coated nylon for easy cleaning and has a 8" web handle on one end. Machine Washable.

Fabric Colors


All-in-one Leash & Collar w/Name $25.00

This Martingale combo tug leash & collar is 4' long and made from 1" soft-touch nylon webbing covered with faux fur for the ultimate in comfort and tugging. The collar portion varies from 1" to 2" wide depending on the size of your dog, and for extra comfort is padded with faux fur. These leash/collar combos were first used by Greyhound owners, but have become popular with all breeds. It will tighten, but it doesn't choke your dog. It is machine washable and available in the fabric colors below. Made to order.

This leash combo is acceptable under AKC agility rules as of September 1, 2006.

Dog's Name and Breed
Fabric Colors

Bottle Tug Toy

bottle toy

My Dogs love to play with a plastic water bottle that has a little corn in it to make a noise, but I was finding it hard to play interactively with them by just using the plain old bottle. As I love to sew I designed two sizes of covers with a velcro enclosure so that you can easily insert a plastic bottle 16 oz. for Big Dogs and a 12 oz for little dogs. The cover is made of Fake Fun fur or Faux fur, is lined with 100% coated nylon to make it more durable, and has 9" heavy duty web handles on both ends. Machine Wash.

Fabric Colors


Linda Porter
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Email: tweeddale@myactv.net
or  hooligantunnelwraps@myactv.net



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